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We come from a long, long line of hard working Canadians just like you. My father, my fathers father, and my uncles all worked to provide good, hot, flavourful food at prices hard working people could afford. I remember my fathers words which still ring in my ears today “I had $500 and a credit card” and “If I can do it, anyone can”.

Those words really resonated with me and my brother. Hard work and long hours were instilled in us as kids long before we became what we are today. My fathers business model was always good food, good ingredients at great prices.

Before we made poutines we started off just with good ole’ hot dogs and fries under the name “Roi Des Patates”.

In 1996-1997 we introduced hamburgers and poutine to our menu under the name “The French Connection” which made us one of the first pioneers to introduce poutine to the Ottawa region. Over the course of several years of perfecting our menu, we were able to open our very first brick and mortar restaurant named “The Vanier Snack Shack” which won our local community over quickly.

In 2013 we decided to enter the Spark Street Poutine Fest which was a huge turning point in our business career. We knew right away that poutine was the direction we wanted to focus on. Thus, in 2014, “The Great Canadian Poutinerie” was born. We immediately started planning for the next poutine festival by creating the food truck that you all know and love to see at local events.

Over the years we have worked diligently to create specialty signature dishes always using good food and good ingredients with great fan fare. This has allowed us to be able to expand to having 3 restaurant locations and everyone’s favourite festival/catering food truck. Customer service has been a strong suit instilled in me by my father and his father before him which you can see for yourself from our outstanding positive customer feedback:

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We look forward to having you stop by any one of our 3 locations.
We are positive you will not be disappointed.


The Great Canadian Poutinerie